Coach travel isn’t just convenient and cost effective – it’s an environmentally conscious mode of travel as well. At Abbey Travel, we’re embracing this side of the industry and we’re making sure that we stay ahead of the curve by investing in a modern, efficient fleet of vehicles and refining our processes to minimise our impact on the environment.

Taking environmental issues seriously

We’re embracing the challenge of reducing our impact on the environment, using our skills, knowledge, and resources to bolster our eco-friendly credentials. Quite simply, we aren’t willing to treat this side of the business as an afterthought – we want to be the best that we can be. By making changes to the vehicles in our fleet and the processes that we use on a daily basis, we’re able to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions. When you travel with us, you can feel good knowing that your journey isn’t having an excessive impact on the planet.


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The efficiency of coach travel makes it an ideal option for environmentally conscious passengers who are looking to minimise the pollution caused by their journeys. By transporting large groups together in a single vehicle, directly to their destination, less pollution is created per passenger and fewer vehicles are required for the journey, reducing emissions and traffic congestion. In the past, we’ve successfully completed jobs where we’ve transported up to 4,500 passengers simultaneously – think about how many cars those passengers would have used instead! Freeing up space on the roads also has its own rewards; journey times become more consistent due to the drop in traffic-related delays, and the lack of unnecessary stopping and starting improves fuel efficiency.


Minimising our impact means investing in technology that can make our fleet and office more efficient. We upgrade our fleet on an ongoing basis to make sure we have modern vehicles that are no more than four years old. This ensures they include environmentally conscious features, and it allows us to stay ahead of policies like London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), so there’s no need to pass additional charges on to our customers.

Emission control systems

We retrofit our older vehicles with Eminox exhaust systems to cut down on their emissions until they are upgraded.

Idle engine cut outs

75% of our vehicles are fitted with idler systems that cut off the engine when it has been idling excessively in order to reduce unnecessary emissions.

Fuel efficient vehicles

Fuel efficiency is one of our key concerns when upgrading our fleet. On average, our newer vehicles are 5mpg better off.

Technology driven processes

By integrating technology such as Coach Manager and Samsara within our processes, we’re able to manage our customers’ journeys digitally and have been able to reduce our paper consumption as a result.


We go even further by adjusting our own processes and behaviour. This allows us to build upon the improvements produced by our investment in technology, further reducing our environmental impact as a company.

Experienced drivers

All our drivers are familiar with fuel-efficient driving techniques and work to reduce their emissions and fuel consumption as much as possible. This includes paying attention to engine usage so that the vehicle is not left running unnecessarily. Further coaching can also be given via our Samsara system.

Regular maintenance

Our vehicles are maintained every six weeks to make sure that they run smoothly and efficiently. This is more often than the eight-week inspection period mandated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). We also make our inspections more rigorous by including additional roller brake tests, and we replace our tyres sooner than we are required to by the DVSA.

Cutting out wasted journeys

We actively take steps to avoid running coaches when they’re empty so that we aren’t burning fuel without reason. On longer trips, this can involve leaving the coach at the destination until the date of the return trip or, if this isn’t feasible, we will manage our workload so that we can schedule a journey in the opposite direction.

Monitoring new developments

We keep an eye on new developments by subscribing to industry bodies within the bus and coach industry. This allows us to identify further opportunities to improve, and we can be proactive when adopting new technologies. For example, in 2007 we were one of the first companies in the coach industry to adopt the use of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) minibuses.

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