We always
find a way

We will never let our passengers down. We have the experience, skills, and resources to make sure that your journey runs smoothly and you get to your destination. After more than 20 years in the industry, we’ve never missed a transfer and we’ve never left passengers stranded at the side of the road. It really is that simple.


We invest
in technology

We’ve embraced technology within our fleet and office, transforming our processes to ensure that we can monitor all our vehicles and journeys in close detail. We are the first UK coach company to adopt the Samsara operations platform that allows us to track all our vehicles in real time, letting us anticipate and avoid the issues that could otherwise impact your journey.


We draw on
our experience

We’ve been established since 1998 and we know exactly how to provide the help that our customers require. Whether it’s determining their requirements in sufficient detail, managing their expectations, or accommodating their budget, our expert team will make sure that every journey is carefully tailored to the needs of individual customers.


We keep things

With the experience that we’ve built up over the years and the technology that we’ve adopted, we have everything in place to make sure your journey runs smoothly. From carefully preparing a route in advance to account for any issues along the way, through to coordinating the movement of thousands of passengers at a time, our skilled team will ensure that everything proceeds as planned.


We will pick up
the phone

We offer a quick and effective response to any enquiries so that you aren’t kept waiting for an answer. If you contact us during our office opening times, we will make sure you receive a response within an hour so that you can be sure you’re being listened to. And, even outside of these hours, we will be monitoring our phones and emails to make sure that you hear back from us as quickly as possible.


We can handle
varied jobs

Our large and varied fleet can cope with a wide range of different jobs, from taking your family to the airport through to transporting 4,500 people to a corporate event. We’re experts at moving large groups but our fleet also allows us to be extremely adaptable. No matter what journey you have in mind, we’re confident that we’ll be up to the challenge. All you have to do is ask.

Contact Abbey Travel

Call us on 020 8312 9514 or email info@abbeytravel.com and we’ll find the right coach for you and your group. We’re always happy to discuss our services and to answer any questions.